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Subject: Re: College close to home, or far away?

Forum: College close to home, or far away?
Hi there!

I went to college about an hour away from home. I'm glad I stayed close, but also kind of wish I'd gone to a whole different part of the country! But at the same time I don't think it would have been as good of an experience only being 18 and moving to a new state. That seems kind of like a big step! But at the same time, I think I would totally do it now.

May be for graduate school, if I ever do it, I'd want to be somewhere on the east coast just to see what it's like. I may hate it or love it. But I also know that I'd totally get homesick! I think staying close to home though was good for my situation, and I'm still in the area. I have a lot of close friends from college, but they now are starting to move onto new places now that they are out a college. And I think I'm beginning to feel the same.

Glad you're kind of in the same boat, ready for a change..



Subject: Re: Are you a caffeine person?

Forum: Are you a caffeine person?
Hey Jessica,

I'm responding to you as I sip my coffee doused in creamer as I reply. So.. you may say I'm a coffee person. But I don't consider myself one because I only drink coffee about 3 times a week (good for you too!!). I don't really feel like I need coffee to get me through the day. In fact I've been cutting back as much as I can because I started noticing my teeth were becoming more and more yellow! And I just knew it had to do with my coffee drinking! So I just started cutting back and I don't really feel like I need it.

Don't get me wrong though, I love coffee! But only when I feel like I need it for an extra boost. Like last night I was up late, and so getting started today, coffee was most definitely needed. I can never drink coffee totally black, so I always add some hazelnut or vanilla caramel creamer to make it a little fancy and drinkable. But I know that if I drank it all the time, it would be an addiction. Because it had been! But I'm really proud of myself for cutting back a bit! *sips coffee*

I haven't had any soda in about a month, and doing just fine! I'm glad it's not a part of my diet except for if I eat out, like you said! And it's not really my go to like it used to be! I'm happy for the changes your making as well! And good for you for listening to your body too! It's the best thing you can do for yourself. :)



Subject: Re: How often do you weigh yourself?

Forum: How often do you weigh yourself?
Afternoon Kathy!

I don't have a scale in my house currently! So I hardly weigh myself. But while I was staying with my grandparents over the holidays I would weigh myself pretty frequently. I mostly was worried about gaining weight while I was there, because I always eat so much! I typically weight around 127, but at the age of 13 I weighed a grand total of 163. I remember looking at that scale and being shocked that I could even weigh that much. That was when I actually lived with my grandparents for about a year. I ate really well.. but obviously a little too well.

I think puberty really helped me lose that weight. But, at the same time, when I moved, my whole diet changed. I didn't eat as much and I spent a lot of time outdoors. I've maintained my weight pretty well since then. I honestly don't eat more than my fill, and my friends sometimes call me a rabbit, because I just don't eat as much as them. But I think it's because I just don't use a lot of energy throughout the day. Like I know I don't need to eat a lot, because I'm not working out a lot or doing a lot of activities besides walking or hiking.

My weight would tend to fluctuate. And water weight is a real thing for me, so I find that weighing myself everyday doesn't really make me feel good about myself because it's literally different every day depending on when I weigh myself. I went to the doctor twice in one week. The first day they weighed me I was about 125, then a few days later, I went again and had eaten a huge lunch. And I weighed 133. The doctor freaked out and thought I had some kind of disorder from gaining so much weight in a short amount of time...

So, honestly I don't care to weigh myself very much because I can definitely tell that my weight is just maintained. But I seriously wish you guys the best, I would say just look at your diet, think about ways you can cut back and learn about your body type, because every-body is different! Like you're not going to lose a pound a day, so no need to be excessive in weighing!



Subject: Re: What Disappoints You?

Forum: What Disappoints You?
Hi Thankful!

I know that whole process of getting into college can be so stressful! But once you pick it and start out, it's so worth it! I almost wish I'd spent more time in that period looking more and more at schools outside of my state. So even if it's difficult - seriously consider every option!

No onto disappointments. I can't really say I've ever been disappointed in someone other than myself. That sounds kind of dark, but I'm a lot harder on myself than on anyone else. I think I'm that kind of person who gives great advice to others, but sometimes doesn't follow the advice herself. And that's kind of disappointing that I'm so good at helping others push themselves to be better, but then I don't do so for myself.

I'm currently working on this, asking myself how I can be better and actually putting my situation out of perspective and asking "What would I tell someone going through what I'm going through?" And I almost feel like doing that is life changing haha! So even though I sometimes disappoint myself when it comes to following my own advice, I do not consider myself an actual disappointment or anything like that.

I think we all have disappointments, but it's best not to dwell on them!

I wish you the best in your college search :)


Subject: >>What videogame do you want to play?

Forum: >>What videogame do you want to play?
Hey guys!

Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday, it was such a great day! :)
It had been awhile since I'd had an actual party for my birthday, so it felt very special to have friends come and hang out with me!

So I'm curious what videogames you guys like to play, either have played or want to play! I haven't played any video games for the past two months as I've been taking care of my grandparents and my mom with her broken leg.. But I have flashes of games that I used to play all the time that I just loved!

I'm definitely a huge Skyrim fan! I literally have played it over like 7 or 8 times just because the storyline can change every time. It's so fun exploring an open world and I discover something new every time I play! Plus I have it on PC so.. Mods for days!! Haha I'm geeking out a little.. I really miss playing it!

However, I really look forward to when Last of Us 2 comes out, and I still want to play the new Zelda game too! I cant wait to be able to have some time to get into gaming again.

So what videogames have you played?

Do you have a favorite video game? And why?

Are there any videogames you're looking forward to playing?

What's the last video game you played?

Thanks for the responses, I look forward to seeing what you guys play too! :)