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Subject: Re: Student Loan Rates

Forum: Student Loan Rates
Hi Jessica,

What bothers me the most about interest rates on loans is why we don't get those kinds of interest rates on our savings accounts. It's like not worth it to save money unless you have $10,000. 0.01% interest on savings accounts but 8% on student loans?

I understand that it's borrowing and so the rates are higher, but I just find it off that savings accounts aren't rewarded. Like borrowing you get punished, but saving you don't get rewarded? Just the way I feel. I'm super nervous about my student loans. I don't like that they are going to be there all my life. But my education was worth it and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But I just feel like I'll never pay it back.

I'll have to spend 10 years doing something I didn't go to school for in order to get them forgiven. It's kind of a strange system.. I'm switching to income driven. But that's going to be the next 25 years of my life that I'll be paying them off. I wish that the money I was paying was going into my savings, or that I just didn't have to worry about them so much.


Subject: Re: How much do you worry about money?

Forum: How much do you worry about money?
Hi Laura,

I tend to worry about money occasionally. But to spend money on little things like food, or small experiences, not so much. Like I like to have an experience that seems worth it to me to spend my money. So like going to eat at a new restaurant because I'm with good friends, or doing something new. I spend money to be apart of something.

I'm always aware of how much money I have, and usually stick to a budget. I hardly overspend when I go shopping. I like to allot myself a certain amount of money that I'm allowed to spend when going out. So like I'll only bring $10 to a bar, or $20 to a restaurant and that helps me stick to just spending what I allow myself to spend.

I worry about money when it comes to retirement and things later in life. Like buying a house or a car. I honestly just don't know when I'll be making enough to really afford all that. I need a stable job in order to support financing those things I need. So, I mean, at some point I'll get there, but I do worry about if I'll ever be able to do that?

I don't have any emergency funds, no health or dental.. and eventually all that adds up too.. I'm simply just getting by. I don't think I've ever had more than $1500 in my bank account at any one time. So that's just what I survive off of every month, but that's like in a good month. I would like to to not worry about money, but I know that if I never spend any of it, I'll have very little to talk about in my old age. I'd rather try to live the best life that I can out of what I have without worrying too much.


Subject: Re: Attractive Qualities

Forum: Attractive Qualities
Hi Kamrin,

I think the most attractive quality in a person is how they react to bad situations. If someone can remain positive in the worst of times, I feel like I want that in my life. I've managed to stay mostly positive throughout my life. But sometimes it's too much. So if there's someone there to help me see the positives when I've just been down, I find that really attractive.
I'd also say personality overall is an attractive quality too. I think when someone is sure of themselves and has a good sense of self, they are just more attractive as a person. I hope to find someone like that someday. But I also know that I need to have these qualities too because I'm realizing that I need to be sure of myself in order to know what I want and need in a partner.

Nice question,


Subject: Re: Would being rich makes you happy?

Forum: Would being rich makes you happy?
Hi Unique,

I think being rich would make me temporarily happy. I would love to start out at $0 rather than -$40,000. My own fault sure, but my education felt worth it. But if I could just pay that off and get myself a place to live and a car, I think I'd be much happier.

But then I'd just want to work and do what I want to do. I just haven't been able to do a lot of the things that I feel like my friends get to have and do. I didn't have good family support financially and I've moved around a lot. So... money would give me a stable situation.. But I know what really matters is the people you surround yourself with. And the experiences you have to carry yourself through life. Things may be uncertain for me now.. but I feel like money would just make things easier for me emotionally.


Subject: Re: Do you follow trends?

Forum: Do you follow trends?
Hi Tom,

My first response to this is... what are the trends these days? I feel like I don't really know. I just kind of wear and do whatever I feel like. Sounds like of silly, but I think that I just like to stick to what I like, rather than what everyone else likes. I'd say I stuck to trends more in high school, just because I was interacting with others who did follow trends. But in college, it was a time for me to just be myself and so now out of college, I really just want to express myself as I am.

I think I realized trends just kind of start from someone just being themselves. And then people just follow along. And I think we see that a lot with celebrities.. but then they get sponsors who influence what they wear and such. But in any case, I would say, I'm not a trend follower, just a person walking in whatever makes me most comfortable.