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Subject: Re: Generic or Brand Name?

Forum: Generic or Brand Name?
Hi Kyle,

I definitely care more about the functionality of a product. But sometimes I think the name represents the quality.
Like a Honda vs Ford. I would always pick Honda over Ford based on what I know about the two. Ford's have had a couple of different issues, harder to change oil, bad transmission - literally saw one break down last week! Verses Honda - everyone I know who has owned a Honda - has loved it and knows it's a reliable car. And so I bought one over a Ford!

Now when it comes to clothing or accessories - not so much. I mostly care that it fits me and has good quality material! I know there are some brands that just - don't cut it! But I couldn't tell you what brands ironically haha. Usually when I find a product I like - that does the job.. I stick with it. No need to change things around if I've got what I need out of it.

Interesting topic!

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Do you follow politics?

Forum: Do you follow politics?
Hi Ratio!

I like politics. I think the most important part of politics is staying informed. One of my roommates had no idea what was going on at the border the last few weeks and that just baffled me! But it definitely seems like a choice to stay informed. I like hearing others opinions about things going on because we all have our different perspectives based on experience.

I like listening to The Daily and Pod Save America podcasts regularly because I feel that they keep me informed about events going on rather than having to read through articles - which take up quite a bit of time. I have a lot of friends that are journalists so news is something I hear frequently! I think the hardest part of politics is talking to those who are not open to others opinions. I think if you're going to be involved in politics you should have an open mind to hear every side to every issue before making laws.

I typically do not talk a lot of politics with my grandparents because they aren't open to other opinions and it can affect our relationship a lot sometimes. So sometimes politics come up with family and when it does I try to reach a common ground with our different opinions.

Neat topic!
Have a great day!


Subject: What do you do for self care?

Forum: What do you do for self care?
Hello Cnet!

What do you do for self care? What is your definition of self care?

I've been learning a lot this year that I need to take care of myself - before taking care of others. Mostly in the sense of self care- both mentally and physically. I repeat to myself often - "stay on my side of the street" and this is because I tend to think that others opinions matter more than my own. But saying this helps me to stick to myself and not worry so much about what others think - and do what I want that makes me happy.

So I've started saying more positive things about myself and started running in the late afternoons and I've just all around been feeling a lot better.

Looking forward to your responses!
Have a wonderful day!

Subject: Re: Lessons from 26

Forum: Lessons from 26
Hello Dymphie,

Happy birthday! I hope it's wonderful.
I think it's funny seeing this because I literally just started making a list of all the things I've learned.. and called it Victoria's Life Lessons. Although I think your lessons are pretty great, I think I'm starting to learn how much time is of value. I'll share some of the lessons I wrote down from recent events.

-Sleep on big decisions, today is different from tomorrow, weigh your options, consider the pros and cons.

- Next time you buy a car, do more research, consider the fees and loan interest amounts. Can you afford it?
(I bought a car for the first time from a dealership that I really couldn't afford two weeks ago, the based it on the credit score rather than my actual income - they wouldn't let me return the car but switched it out for something with lesser payments.. hopefully I make it through! haha, will not let that happen again!)

-Never let someone make you feel small. Even if it's yourself. Speak highly of yourself and forgive yourself for mistakes, because you are you're own worst enemy.

I love seeing everyone else's life lessons - we all have our ways of learning things and combining all these really makes a great list!

Have a wonderful birthday again!

Subject: Re: Board games or video games

Forum: Board games or video games
Hi Anna,

I'm a fan of both! I would say that board games are more fun because I get to be in the moment with my friends and it's all happening in the real world. I feel like I get to use my imagination more and it's different from playing video games. My roommates and I typically have 1 game night a week where we play monopoly or Betrayal - House on the Hill. Betrayal is an amazing board game - highly recommend because it's a different story every time and so you can play it over and over again, and it's hardly ever the same. I also enjoy playing Cards Against Humanity from time to time.

I love videogames though for just relaxing and having some fun on my own. Skyrim will forever be my most favorite game of all time. I like it because I can do epic things in a totally different world. I love open world and immersive games. I really want to start playing God of War and the Last Guardian. I'm also super stoked for Last of Us 2!

Awesome question, right up my ally haha

Have a wonderful day,