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Hello, I'm currently attending a community college and is planning to transfer to a four year university to finish my degree. As someone who comes from a poor family, education has always been very important to me because without it, there is no success. I really want to have the opportunities that my parents never had and make them proud to have a motivated daughter like me. Most importantly, i want to make myself proud because throughout my life, i have always thought that i wouldn't be able to make it into college due to the learning disabilities that i was diagnosis with during my primary school years. I was over looked and doubt myself so many times but learned that if other students can succeed, then i can succeed. My advice to anyone who have doubts about their education or success would be to always believe in yourself and if others can becomes successful then you become successful.

If we knew how successful we would be in the future, then we wouldn't spend a minutes worrying about our lives.

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