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Hello Cnetters,

To start off, I am grateful to all of you for your support, inspiration, votes, information, and replies. There were some days where life stresses got the best of me and I didn’t want to post anymore, then I saw the people who voted for me and thought to myself if these candidates are supporting me to win, then I should keep going and support them back. Additionally, the friends I made on here were amazing people. They were there for me all the time, giving me advices, cheering me up, and posting to my forums. I think some of them know who they are, so thank you so much for that:)

I am a senior majoring in biology, I dream to purse a medical career. I think health is the most precious thing a human has and I will be more than happy helping people maintain or regain their health back. I immigrated with my family to the US about 6 years ago. I used every opportunity I had to enhance my English and learn more about the culture and I am thankful to god for where I am today. Many things have shaped my life, most importantly, my Christian-Orthodox beliefs, family, and culture.

This semester, I am enrolled in 15 credit hours of advanced classes. I also have 2 research projects that I am working on, on campus-work, and church. I am a Sunday school teacher for kindergarten and 1st grade kids, though they are adorable and I love the service, it takes some time to prepare for them something fun, creative and beneficial. I am in charge of the house chores that require English such as the bills, the mail, the applications...etc. I do like to be constantly busy though because I get more done; I feel more productive and learn to better manage my time.

For my financial need, I am not going to say that I need the money more than any of you. I understand we all need the money desperately so I would be much happier and more appreciative if you voted for me based on my contributions. I have always tried my best to go for my five posts a day. I worked with every minute I have in between my busy schedule. I posted on breaks and in between my classes. Even during my classes sometimes (especially my physical survey of chemistry class:)), I was checking Cnet to think about what I will write when I get home. To summarize, I worked with everything I have to contribute and give back to the Cnet community.

I don’t want to talk too much and bore you with my writing, I hope it is not too late for that:), but thank you and I wish you all the best,

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