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About Tina(SoOriginal)

I want to thank everyone on Collegenet who has supported me and helped me win over the years.
I am back in the competition because I need to pay off my loans!
Working 3 jobs is tough but I manage to handle it.
Photography is my passion.
Writing is my hobby.
Clash them together and it makes Tina ;)

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Welcome! im new as well! Return the vote if ya get the chance. Much appreciated! -- J*Rock

Best of luck : ) please have your friends all vote for me, I will get mine to vote for you : ) -- Simply Steven

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Thanks! Here's your vote. -- Fobo

I really hope things start to change for you, I hope your family can be strong during this time. :) -- LostInMyThoughts

Thanks for the vote!!! Just wanted to return the favor...good luck w/ everything!!! -- KMac09

Hey, thank you for the vote! Thanks also for posting on the gay rights forum! -Blair -- blairtheblur

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Liked your cereal forum,now im hungry lol. plz return the vote.thanks! -- ispyanikki

been reading your post, good job -- hukanny

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I would post but Im out! Sorry your weekend was bad! Heres a vote to cheer you up! Good luck! -- ashleyxsmashley

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Good luck!! -- LaBellaVita

Good luck! Vote back, please! -- Fobo

Thanks for the vote. It's my pleasure to return it. Good luck with college. -- Novalis2

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hey girl good luck this month! -- hukanny

thanku for support.....returning it -- Author

Hello again! I hope we both get up to the top five in February. -Blair -- blairtheblur

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Not because you voted for me, but because you respect your parents and want to help pay your own way -- Christie_lynn

Thanks and of course i'll return the vote! =) -- Ejsmom

please return vote! good luck this month :) -- KTurner

Hi tina sometimes people think of being romantic different, try looking for it in him. -- iplay

I agree too! Creation all the way! -- msunhwang

good luck...always stay around to help others -- babybass

thank u for ur vote...blessings to u Tina! -- Trevino08

Thank you for the vote, i liked your forum -- Joe F