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About Bridget

Greetings College Net people! How's everyone? I'm Bridget, I am from Texas and no... I do not wear cowboy hats and boots. (O:
I am a returning student. I am married,the mother of a 9 year old daughter and I work full time in customer service. I am hoping to win money to help me with college- just like everyone else here. Hopefully, we along with collegenet, can help to make our dreams that much more a reality.

I am a junior at University of Phoenix, and my major is Business Management. There is no need to tell you all tuition is expensive, you guy's are well aware. The cost of college along with mortgage, household bills, gas prices, and caring for a child can really add up. Please vote for me, I will definitely return the favor. I look forward to meeting and talking with everyone!


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o our president! dont get me started! lol im with you 100%!!! good luck! -- rokyurworld24 7

wonderful post on "gays&lesbians in church", best of luck to you, feel free to vote back :-) -- Shanna♥

Good luck! I hope that you make it onto the top ten someday. -- Sveta

Thanks :) good luck! -- Inu Lover

totally agree w/ u on superficial conversations forum - in similar boat - gl - pls vote back -- Missy

love your diastema!! You go girl! tell every one to kiss your diastema!! (Gap between the teeth)! -- Butterflydreams

New Election thanks for past post, pl return vote would love more response on my forums -- Cire7

Thanks for the vote. Good luck. -- Clarissac

Nice profile! I am also a jr at BSB/M. Good luck with this scholarship!! -- sassier1

You create thoughtful posts and forums. Good luck! -- Marlyn1

stick around some more lol GL :) -- weeshka

Thank you for the vote. Have a good month! Good Luck!! -- singingknowles

great post on going to the doctor! lol Good luck this month! :p -- EuroTraveler89

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