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About honig3

My name is Marquela, I am 23yrs old, and I attend Manatee Community College in Bradenton, Florida. I work full-time at a cardiologist office, even though my real dream is to become an attorney. I have wanted to be a lawyer since I was eight, and I hope to one day fulfill that dream.

Current Academic Achievements:
• Dean's List
• Joining the International Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa
• Current GPA: 3.75

Past (High School) Achievements:
• Member of National Honor Society
• La Sertoa Member (all girls community service organization)
• Co-Captain of Debate Team
• AP classes for Junior and Senior years
• Honors classes for Freshman through to Seniors years

I have re-entered the academic world after taking a couple of years to figure out my path. Along the way I found the love of my life and we are getting married in March. The road to where I am now has not come easy. We have spent two years caring for my fiancé’s grandmother, who passed away in July. She is the reason I believed in myself enough once more to start school again – as I went back starting last May (2007). With some of my parents help, I was able to establish a good GPA, but their help is running out and I need to find a way to take the financial burden off of their shoulders. I am dedicated, as I now know what it is like to have lost something as precious as an education, and I know what it takes to regain it. It was and is a struggle I will continue to fight until I can reach the goal of my law degree. I need the help, and when I applied for the Pell Grant, I was informed that I do not qualify. I don’t make that much money – just enough to pay the bills – but not enough to pay for school. I am new to CollegeNet, but I will learn and contribute as much as possible… Happy voting!
P.S.: I will vote back!

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Here's a vote to start you out:-) Good luck and vote back if you can! -- genarobyn

i like ur post on the being avg. forum. goodluck! -- syang2

Good luck with your wedding - don't worry youll figure everything out - pls vote back -- Missy

good luck this election please vote back!!! -- lovebug9099

Thank you for the vote! Good luck to you! -- mrstjwill

I would had felt the same way if I witnesses that ungrateful son say that about his elderly dad! -- Inu Lover

Good luck this month.. have a nice wedding. -- AnnoBanano

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