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Hey, My name is Dolores Stracuzzi. I'm a sophomore at Indian River State College in south Florida. I graduate high school in 2008, and from then I started pursuing my dream. I wanted to go to a state/community college for my first two years then transfer to University of South Florida to complete my Bachelor degree in Physical Therapy. While I was in high school, I was in 4-H, Girl Scouts, Civil war reenactments, Cizitan, Photography, Cheerleading, Horse Shows and more much. :) I had over 1300 community service hours. So, I was a busy girl. I found myself, entering my sophomore year needing more scholarships and money for me to be able to finish college. I have three jobs, and I'm a full time person in college - So again, I'm still very busy. I was raise in a southern home, were I learn to be independent, and was raise to earn my way. I know it isn't much working with hands on. But, I would LOVE Any and all consideration will be most appreciated!! Please, help me by voting for me. :)

Please, Help me finish my last 2 1/2 years in college. :)

God bless.

-Dolores S.

P.S. Please Vote for me, i'll even help you back. :) Thank you.

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