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I'll always vote back. =)

I've recently changed my ambitions. Originally, I wanted to be an English teacher, but I'm changing my major to Psychology so I can be a child psychologist. I love children, and my biggest goal in life is to help people. Psychology seems like the best way to do it.

College is going to cost $9000 a year for me, and I'm FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT! It seems like there's no way I can get that much money, but I'm trying my best to get scholarships.

My parents have their doubts about me completing college because of my brother. He's goofing off in college right now and is about to drop out. I want to prove to my parents that I'm not like him by completing college, but I can't do that unless I can afford it.

I was Captain of the Color Guard at my school. That's one of my greatest accomplishments. I'm also number one in my class.

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good luck honey! -- An anonymous voter

thats great you like to dance aswell! Good luck this month! -- *Courtney*

Thanks, good luck, stay strong, God bless. =] -- BrAnCh OuT

Because ur mom makes good tacos lol... -- Isuckatlax

good luck to you in your dreams -- An anonymous voter

I am Bipolar, Its tough! Good Luck to you!! -- Solitude

I totally agree with your guy turn-ons/turn-offs. Good luck! -- Jenesaispas

You should!! It's so good!! Good luck :) -- moofs08

Thanks! You too! Good luck to you! -- earthoceanlife

Thanks for replying to my forum ! GL & vote back if you can. -- An anonymous voter

College will cost me 7,000 per year so we are in just about the same boat. Thanks 4 vote!! -- Author

Thanks for commenting on my forum i really appreciate it<3 Nat! -- Nat19g90

I liked your reply, "people change over time!" Thanks for the vote and wishing you best of luck! -TW -- AgentF

i guess love sometimes works out! don't you love it when it does? -- Heroes&Thieves

Thank youu! =] -- sportsblondie03

i agree with ur post in supersize this. goodluck! -- syang2

Good comment on SUPERSIZE THIS! good luck this month<3Nat! -- Nat19g90

hope things go well for you. vote back plz -- alucard#1

Good luck in this month's election! -- ibatlmnop

good luck! --

good luck this election and please vote back!! -- lovebug9099

Please return the vote. Thank you! And good luck! -- Sveta

I wish you the best of luck plz vote back -- An anonymous voter

good luck, and thanks for your posts!! -- weeshka

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