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I'm just a regular kid. I like to have fun and know that I need to study hard. I just need some additional funds to pay for school. If not I'll probably just transfer to FAU, even though I won't get the same personal attention I get at a private school. ;) I'm always in search of study buddies, so if you're into the sciences or psychology, feel free to contact me. Personally I'm good at editing essays and can give good constructive criticism.

If I vote for you, I'd appreciate a vote back. :)

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Good luck this month!! You always have amazing posts! -- Blueyedrascal

good luck this month - keep up the high quality posts! -- hamiltmc

glad to see u back - and good luck this month! -- sksathya123

Thanks, girl. Take care and God bless. -- BrAnCh OuT

keep on posting!!!!! Good luck this month!! :) -- *Courtney*

I love psychology! good luck and vote back? :) -- JoSchmo

Good luck this month, vote back? -- mtomey00

Hey good luck to you this month. Please vote back! :) -- ~*~CheenaMalai~*~

Good luck to you also this month and thanx for your vote!! Happy Holidays! -- MissShaw

good luck to you in your dreams -- Lynn

Props for visiting various churches. I'm Agnostic, but a non-denominational church is the way to go -- An anonymous voter

Great Question- Thank you. -- msantos

you right. we need to find the balance between science and the other views, creation. -- An anonymous voter

Thanks for your feedback on my topic! please return the vote :) -- jellikellibelli

You must be a bible reader. I commend you on that. -- An anonymous voter

Thanks for doing research (Scientology forum). It helped clear up Scientology in my mind. -- oboescanjazztoo

hey thanx for the vote and comment!!!! good luck -- oneANDonlyVIKKI

Thanks sweetie, that was really sweet, keep up the good work, dont give up..=] -- BrAnCh OuT

thx 4 the vote in Dec. good post in parents encouraging college, U always have my vote! -- Powersc9

PLZ PLZ PLZ VOTE FOR ME!!!... just kidding about the desperation thing. good post haha so true. -- mikeyegan88

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