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Hey, I'm Rebecca! I'm a senior in high school and a proud liberal. I think our president is a moron and if you agree with me we'd probably get along gr8...or at least have one thing in common...I'm pro choice and think that gay marriage and marijuana should be legalized!!! I'm a very driven and determined person and can use this cash for college as I'm sure you all can. So basically what I'm getting at is....VOTE FOR ME!!!
hope you like what I have to say!!!
p.s- my profile pic is not a bong nor a shot of alchy...its just chocolate... no really, it is!

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funny forum dont have any posts left reply when i get some more check my forums vote 4 me -- bchosen1

Good luck with your education. Be well. Deb Katz -- An anonymous voter

good luck girl! -- runnergirl

best of luck, have a great day! -- sdnuol

Gay marriage and Marijaunna should be legalized! -- dawgfan_2008

I really liked your forum about abstinence...Vote back please! -- brittanyrae5506

nice pet peeve! thats funny,,vote back if u thnk i dsrve it!(",) -- burntmuffin

Thanks for the vote, and good luck to you! -- michelle1995

thanks. -- BrAnCh OuT

good luck and check out my forums if you like vote for me please -- Nellie

lol....great post and thoughts! thanks for replying! -- ♥Peace♥

thanks for the response and good luck! --

You roked your first month! Best Luck and KEEP POSTNG! -- Alexandria

i like your posts. good luck to you! :) -- smack1014

nice wishes -- LCJM48

Love your forums! Good Luck! -- earthoceanlife

Great thoughts on your forums, good luck this month! -- *Courtney*

From one Rebecca to another, good luck this month. And yes the pres is a moron!!!! lol Vote for me! -- MissShaw

thanks! good luck to you in this election!! :) -- smack1014

good luck this month check out my fourm and vote 4 me please -- bchosen1

Great forum! Hope u win! -- sksathya123

good luck -- runnergirl

good luck check out my forums and if you like vote for me please -- Nellie

Good luck. and God bless. -- BrAnCh OuT

Hello! you and I seem somewhat congruent...cheers! -- Divisia

Thanks for the vote. Good luck to you. -- michelle1995

You rock! -- Prinses Kim

your my fav person on this site i hope you win!!! -- jbear516


Agree with you about the respect topic -- mtomey00

Good luck! I hope I'm one of the first 20! -- ANGELIC 3712

I like this post. -- An anonymous voter

Chocolate is delicious in brownie form. Go you, go chocolate! -- Bjorie

LIBERAL!?!?!?! Why?!?!?! -- Isuckatlax

This is a vote for attacking what could be a volitile issue! good luck, vote back if you want -- robert.bond3

hey i totally agreed on ur post about the blk/white thing! Good luck -- oneANDonlyVIKKI

i think i agree with just abput every one of yours posts! -- jbear516

good luck this month! -- Heather

Good luck :) -- *Courtney*

Thanks for the reply! -- Jayme Leigh Cooper

Thanks! Good luck to you, you have a free mind. -- earthoceanlife

Your posts are always interesting! Good luck this month! -- ANGELIC 3712

Good luck this month, vote back? -- mtomey00

good luck to you in your dreams -- Lynn

Great forum so THIS VOTE'S FOR YOU! Good luck to you this month and Happy Holidays! -- MissShaw

oh yeah i always get lyrics stuck in my head, like brandy, have you ever, and neyo do you ever? or -- An anonymous voter

Awesome forum!!! It really made me think! Wish you luck :) -- *reach 4 the stars*

Thanks for the vote and yay you for having the same thinker as me -- sublime46529

Hey! Great to here a new voter so excited to take part in Democracy! Don't forget to vote back :-) -- An anonymous voter

good luck! im rooting for u! -- dttr723

im a fan! -- rach555

Good luck! Merry Christmas! = ) -- *Inga*

Good reply to college and career. You're a thinker. -- thomjourno

gl! hope you win this month! you go girl! -- arad

thanks for d vote! I like your forums too. Are you sure that's not a bong in your pic?..jk....... -- Powersc9

ur in it 2 win it! win it! gl! -- rach555

good luck girl! keep em opinions comin! lol -- jbear516

I enjoy reading your posts! Good Luck! And I hope you win! -- dttr723

good luck! woot woot! -- snoopdogg1234

you know i love you! good luck! -- boycrazzy1693

good luck ! keep posting amaingly -- Butterflydreams

Thanks for supporting me. -- mtomey00

best of luck! your pretty! and have a great mind ofcourse lol -- meatball01

Your welcome! Good luck this month & have a wonderful year! :) -- ANGELIC 3712

Atlantis is the bestttttttt looved their casino! good luck! Thanks for the vote! -- MissKissy05

Thank you for the vote. -- Nat19g90

im new here! i love what you have to say! -- estee

i would wish for more wishes too. then i'd wish for more votes. could u grant my wish? tnx. heheÜ -- kmcm606

yes, we'd get along great!! thx for the vote and good luck!! -- kalisha_lee

Good luck! It's chocolate from MaxBrenner in your prof. pic right? =) -- linali101

hey i dnt kno if i voted for u last month or not, but good luck -- oneANDonlyVIKKI

Good Luck Jovenna -- An anonymous voter

Thank you I hope to find someone soon LOL -- alucard#1

Alcoholism to me is a addcition. My 5 yr. old sister was killed by a drunk driver. -- JB314

I know the proof of God's existence. It is in history books as well as the bible. -- Author

nice bong shaped chocolate -- sdnuol

Yes , i am extremely emotional great post!!!! --

Would love to hear your arguments for legalization of marijuana. Send me a link if already posted? -- LeenyBean

i just think ur for me -- An anonymous voter

Good points! -- fatkid57

hey girl~! thanks for the vote and goodluck to you too~! -- syang2

Thank you for addressing a topic that people should talk about because this is one that people hide -- Natasha

hey, gud luck and keep posting great forums -- hypnoticsight118

NEVER THOUGHT OF IT BUT VERY TRUE. -- An anonymous voter

WIN!!!!!!!!!! -- Alice Outa Wonderland

Great forum on personal religious belief! -- Jenesaispas

we would get along, our Pres is a moron! =D -- Cristal

thanks for the vote :] -- [InsertDreamHere]

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