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**********I AM A FIGHTER*****************
What can I tell you about me? I can describe myself in one word: FIGHTER. I've fought my way through life. I've been fighting to keep living, to keep laughing, to keep from crying, to keep loving, to keep sane. You know what....I'm doing it, damn it, I'm making it. Many people have tried to keep me down BUT they never have, nor ever will. I am a runner...I do NOT run from my problems, I only run to the answer. I love God with my whole being. He is the reason we are all here and breathing. I love my fiancee with my whole soul. I have found the love of my life and my best friend. Not many people can say that...but we can. If you can learn anything from me, please let it be to live your life for the fight. A fight in your soul to live, to push, to believe.

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I got your back as you need it. God Bless you, I will be hitting 30 soon, not even close to graduate -- BrAnCh OuT

thanks for the vote. God bless u too -- ♥Peace♥

Don't worry about duplicate posts hun...who cares! I wish you the best of luck! -- SarahMarie

Some of the people are just hateful! We all make mistakes, and I hope you get votes! -- An anonymous voter

God bless and good luck -- JJohnson04

Godbless! -- An anonymous voter

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good luck to u too!! -- mo

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thanks for the vote!! good luck -- An anonymous voter

That's the truth! Good Luck with your endeavors! -- dajenn

Pet Peeves! ahhh! thanks for the post! -- lynzerbean

wow i dnt think i coulda made it as far as u w/out pitching a fit lol good luck -- oneANDonlyVIKKI

thanks for the vote and support runnergirl. God bless you too. -- An anonymous voter

Thanks for the vote! Good luck to you this month! -- lynzerbean

Good luck with your schooling!! -- 3boyz

Yo go, Girl!! Keep posting and good luck!! veggieT -- vegetarian tigress

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Thanks for the vote!! Good luck!! :D -- Idy

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nice post in "first day jitters" -- Genuinelee

i love how you respond to the people in your topics. lets people know you care. *smiles* -- yoshi09

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Keep Smiling, Know that better days are sure to come. Be Blessed & Stay Encouraged!!! -- Dreamer on a Journey

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Make sure u reply 2 my blog i really like 2 try 2 understand people wit diffrent views vote 4 me -- bchosen1

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Your profile is pretty awesome, so I assume you are, too! :) Good luck. -- leota22

I am going to read those books when I get a chance! Thanks, JOEY -- Bladejoe

hi! i like your posts! Godbless..ur really nice! keep RUNNING for the goal!!!(",) -- burntmuffin

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Much Respect, Be Blessed & Stay Encouraged!!! -- Dreamer on a Journey

Best of luck to you. -- Blade6

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Good luck this month!!! Here's a vote... -- crazyfrogfreak2

Good post to the Customers! forum. -- Nj

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Good forum. It generated thought, which is very important. -- debkatz

Thank you, God Bless you! -- BreForJc

sorry about the confusion, keep posting great forums. best of luck. have a good day! -- sdnuol

Thanks. May God continue to Bless you and your Family -- An anonymous voter

heyhey! good luck to you this month!! :) cool senses forum, btw. -- jasminjes

good luck. God bless, and pray about your loans -- BrAnCh OuT

you definitely get my vote! u absolutely deserve this. best wishes & never give up. keep smiling :) -- smack1014

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