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About michelle1995

I am a non-traditional student, who returned to college eight years after high school graduation. I completed an Associate in Arts degree from Midlands Tech this past semester (fall '07).

I was supposed to begin USC this semester(January '08). However, I was not able to. Turned out my loans did not cover the full amount of tuition. I could not afford the difference plus book costs. I have deferred until the fall, and hope I can begin then. Obviously, this makes winning scholarships more crucial than ever. I am going to put forward all the effort I possibly can here and devote myself to writing as many scholarship essays as possible. Even $1,000 would have made a huge difference. That small amount would have allowed me to go to school this semester.

When I return to USC, I plan to pursue a Political Science degree, and would like to enter law school or grad school afterwards.

I have been married for almost three years, and enjoy reading and traveling. I also keep busy by helping my mother with my five-year old niece, and have four four-legged babies of my own (two dogs, two cats), in addition to a parakeet and fish.

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hi!! goodluck this month! political science huh?? sounds tough.. but you'll probably make it.. ^_^ -- JoHaMeLiE

Good Luck! please return the vote! -- joanej18

Don't worry!! You will have so much fun in all of your classes!! Good luck!! veggieT -- vegetarian tigress

Good post! :) -- deepthought

Good Luck!! -- Diamond0524

Just because . . . -- MommyinSchool

My sentiments exactly about human experimentation!! veggieT -- vegetarian tigress

great thoughts.....best to you in the election! -- ♥Peace♥

GREAT POST on the right to live or die!!! it was a great readd : ) GL THIS MONTH! -- Straight As

I understand your frustrations with the assistance programs! -- knnchoward

Good Luck achieving your dreams! -- 3boyz

Best of Luck : ) -- sublime46529

Good luck this month -- MommyinSchool

Love reading your posts... Please vote back, keep them coming & good luck! -- DanaDee822

on "Father's Rights: Abortion," i really liked your response in the second paragraph. i agree. -- yoshi09

You always express yourself well and I look forward to reading what you have to share!! -- 3boyz

Hey girl with the same name as me...hehehe :) Good luck to you!! -- Idy

Thanks so much for the vote last month!! veggieT -- vegetarian tigress

I want to major in Political Science, too. :) Good luck to you. -- leota22

One vote, one financial step closer to Political Science; keep posting! -- Alexandria

Nice response, good luck! -- *Courtney*

Good luck. and God bless. I drink tap water too. -- BrAnCh OuT

thx 4 the vote in Dec. U always have my vote! good post, I went back to college at 29 too! -- Powersc9

great posts! please vote back ok? thanks =) -- kmcm606

Like The Post -- melvindfelder

Thank you for your support, and good luck on winning a scholarship!!! -- Assiduous

thank u for ur post in my forum. i agree with everything you said. goodluck this month! :) -- syang2

Thanks for commenting on my forum i really appreciate it<3 Nat! -- Nat19g90

Best of luck - don't worry you'll get there - pls vote back -- Missy

good luck, and i hope you get the BMW soon -- Augustus

no problem just wanted the voting to be fair...GOOD LUCK -- Angelicag318

Great posts. Good luck. =) -- meowface

interesting psychic forum--vote back please!! -- lovebug9099

good luck with USC, thats where i'll be in the fall...hopefuly..hope to see you there -- palmer3816

good answer:Seatbelts...pls vote back GL :-) -- Marlyn1

I liked your insight on why political women stay with their husbands. Good luck! -- honig3

I agree, you should never be unhappy where you work! -- *Courtney*

Michelle, I have enjoyed seeing U post frequently. I sincerely hope U make top 5 this month. -CMIUC -- CatchMeIFUCan

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