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About The Baron

Welcome to me:

This is my 19th month here on CNET. I enjoy reading the viewpoints of the "younger" generation. It keeps me up on what is on your minds as I prepare to teach high school History.

I also enjoy sharing my life experiences. If you read some of my posts, you will know where I stand on issues and see I like to joke around at times.

Having 3 teen+ daughters of my own, I know that some of my thinking seems old fashion - everybody needs to live their own life and make their own values. When you are 50 and look back on this time - you will be surprised to read what you wrote when you were in HS. or college.

I ask for votes simply because I feel I have put in a lot of hard work in the 1470+ posts I have made. Just about everyone here deserves to win, I have just been at it for soooo long. I seems that consistency and dedication should warrant some reward.

Thank you and have a great 2009.

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I agree - it's never to late to go back! Good luck with your dreams : ) -- Genuinelee

My wife is a cancer survivor so I know what a burden that can be - best of luck -- Ferret

Good thinking, good luck in the election, feel free to return the vote? -- reannakay

My God Bless you for your unselfish love. -- Babygrand

Good luck this month witht the election! I have been enjoying reading your posts!:D God bless! -- Kellyta

Interesting Forum!! Good Luck!! -- Diamond0524

Good luck w/your daughter. I can see you luv her. I didn't like chores, but they're part of life. :) -- deepthought

Fantastic forum on privatization! I enjoy reading your insightful posts. Best of luck this month : ) -- Genuinelee

enjoying your posts! keep it up! God bless you ! =) -- cLaRa

Good luck and I think you are very couragous! -- justwanttolearn

thanks!! love your prof .. and your reply posts although we may disagree some.. lol... goodluck!!! -- JoHaMeLiE

Nice post =) -- twins_sara

it takes amazing courage to start over your an inspiration -- An anonymous voter

goodluck this month!! your posts are always an interesting read... ^_^ -- JoHaMeLiE

I agree with you 100% -- An anonymous voter

i liked your life 101 advice and GOOD LUCK! -- lastnightilie

hi there! i want to wish you luck this month and hopefully you'll make it up there! -- JoHaMeLiE

Best of Luck : ) -- sublime46529

You are one of the people that stands out on here for me!! veggieT -- vegetarian tigress

U r always one of my favorite, even if we don't always agree..Good luck again this month -- justwanttolearn

Heya!! Hope you're feeling better! Good luck this month! -- Idy

Great post on human experimentation and good luck again this month. -- Jessyness646

Teachers like us really do have impact! Nice post! -- reddevil_77

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I remember back at home i tried doing watever i was asked plus more,your mother should be respected. -- An anonymous voter

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I wish u good luck!! -- mo

good luck with school, hope you get your degree. i can't wait to be a teacher! -- lauralizzy

good luck and God bless. -- BrAnCh OuT

Im a photographer too.. and of course, a JesusFreak -- nevaneve

I am a non traditional student also good luck to you and best wishes -- JJohnson04

thanks for the first vote! your words mean a lot....tears in my eyes!!! -- An anonymous voter

As the world declines we realize that old-fashioned is called wise. -- benf101

I definetly agree with your take on this topic. so i voted. feel free to do the same -- swift1

This is definitely your month!! veggieT -- vegetarian tigress

yes, though it is a hard topic, we should stick to our beliefs...anyway GL -- An anonymous voter

I really hope you get 1st place this time....God bless -- runnergirl

I liked your best moment post... pls return the vote! Good luck! -- DanaDee822

I always like your posts even when I don't agree. Can't wait to see you win! -- reddevil_77

Hi! Thanks for the early vote! Good luck to you this month!! :) -- Idy

I really hope that things work out for you this month, you have great posts, good luck. -- sky13

hey, it's one of my favorite posters!!!! hope u win finally -- ♥Peace♥

yes yes yes -- angeldeedee1

Good Luck to you this month! -- lynzerbean

College football started! Yay!!! Who's your team? Mine's University of Michigan. -- An anonymous voter

Thanks for your advice! And good luck! -- SarahMarie

You are an inspiration! Please return the vote. -- kimbleeann

Good Luck! -- *Courtney*

hey, I know you should have won this month...I hope you win soon! you're one of my faves! -- ♥Peace♥

Keep inspiring with your terrific posts! best to you this month!!! -- Genuinelee

The most magical month of the year (October) is here and so is some scholarship money for you!! -- vegetarian tigress

yay!! you're my favorite!! good luck and God bless this month...i really hope you win!! =] -- cheerldr08

thank you for responding to my forum of last month...Here's a vote!!! Good Luck -- crazyfrogfreak2

u sure wrote alot on the bible debate, didnt read all but i will and i appreciate some already GL -- BrAnCh OuT

Truly a Child of God, I like your post in the Bible Dabate. Be Blessed & Stay Encouraged!!! -- Dreamer on a Journey

thanks for the vote, my mom is a cancer survivor too, she had it right after i was born. good luck! -- sdnuol

great posts! its nice of you having concern and help our world by teaching! God bless! (",) -- burntmuffin

Great info on the drinking and driving back please! -- brittanyrae5506

Good Luck with attaining your teaching degree! :) -- An anonymous voter

thx 4 your vote in Dec. I like your forums and you always have my vote! Happy New Year! -- Powersc9

=]] Good luck you deserve it as well..Keep the faith -- BrAnCh OuT

You sound like an awesome person! Good luck! -- dreaminofthetropics

Good luck this month & year! :) -- ANGELIC 3712

Great forum about Irak -- mtomey00

Hey i wish you lots of luck!! please vote back! -- JuliamRyan

Thanks for the luv and the props! -- txpride

oh he is my bff already. heheÜ it's great to know he's urs too.Ü -- kmcm606

we have our differences but truley enjoy our heated discussions... good luck! -- DerekC

Great comments about athletes, def. agree! Vote back please =) -- linali101

life is good w/ God. Some people are 2 ignorant 2 realize this. It makes me sad. -- Author

way to go good luck -- B.A Ware

You HAVE to win this month!!!! Good luck to you!!!! -- Sweetrandomness

goodluck this month! i enjoy reading ur posts !!! -- syang2

Thanks for the advice on the voting. I had know idea -- An anonymous voter

i loved teh forum you started about what makes you smile! -- tjam

good posts and wow I saw how many you have posted so far! good luck! -- Inu Lover

you deserve a win this month -- sassier1

I like your community service idea. Vote back and Good Luck! -- mind_and_mouth

Welcome back for a roller coaster ride, thanks for the vote! -- Pocono

It was an awesome forum, no problem and good luck to you too! -- Nat19g90

I hear you're good.. real good.. WHAT?! I don't know man.. or girl. Good Luck. -- chefcuddhy

Very interesting posts! Good luck:) -- Gera71

Hope you win this month - at your 19th month, you deserve it! Good luck [: -- thescientist

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