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G.I Jane, Mary Jane, Jane’s Addition, Saving Jane, Lady Jane, Jane the Pain, Dick and Jane, Tarzan and Jane … oh I could go forever but as you may have guessed, my name is Jane. Hello!!!

I am a first generation college freshman at Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts that with any luck will transfer to her dream school, Simmons College in Boston, next year.

I say with any luck because financial difficulties (like us all) stand in my way. This is why I am so excited to have discovered this fantastic website! Not only is it a way to *hopefully* win some money, but I am also saving the sanity of my friends and family in the process (people may call my shy but if I know you damn can I talk your ear off about anything from politics to that weird dream I had).

Last summer I had THREE JOBS. I had a paper route in the morning which required me to wake up at 2:00. I usually got home around 6:30 am and then slept for a *few* more hours until my next job at Wal-Mart in the photo lab from 9 to 4. From there I would normally go to my third job at a home décor store called Kirkland’s from 5 – 10 pm. If I was not completely burnt out by this point I would go hang out with my boyfriend and other friends until about 12:30 but always have to leave early due to my early morning paper route. My summer last year sucked job wise but I needed the money to go to college. At the moment, even though I have worked my ass off throughout the summer and have a sales job currently during school (where I am a full time student), I still cannot afford college.


I am currently trying to decide between majoring in English teacher education or marketing/ public relations for nonprofit companies. I truly want to help make the world a better place. Some people may be motivated by money, but I am motivated by helping others who are struggling. There are so many problems in the world today ranging from war, to poverty, to global warming, to everyday stress but at the same time there are also so many things to be grateful for that we sometimes lose sight of this fact. Whichever field I chose, my goal is to help people with their struggles so that they realize what makes life worth living and why it is so important to protect each other.

You may call me too idealistic, but rather idealistic than cynical I say.

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Thank U so much for your vote. I enjoyed reading your profile. Good luck with everything! -- Kellyta

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You deserve this!! Good luck!!!! -- Help_My_Girl

Hi, Jane is it? :-) Your posts are great! Please vote back and best wishes ~ thanks! -- Nickee

you cant have an idealist without a cynic! good luck and cheers! -- BellonaFlayreRiver

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Awesome job!! -- cathyc

Gooooooood Luuuuccccckkk!!!! -- rickc

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Hey Girl! Us First Gen students need to stick together! Good Luck!! -- An anonymous voter

Returning the bote & thank you :) -- ghostie

Hey thanks for the vote! Good luck in the election! -- Kewilkerson

I hope it all works out and you can get some money so that you're not having to work three jobs! -- Joseph2121

Thanx 4 voting for me just returning the favor -- angelwith_scabbedwings_420

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