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Hey there! My name is Jennifer. I'm 25 and I have a 6 year old son whom I love more then anything else in this world (yes that's us in the picture)! I'm a hard working mother. I work full time at a Oncology office as a receptionist. I am also attending college at ECPI College of Technology (I'm taking Web Design)~ night classes (FULL TIME)!

My son is currently in custody of his grandmother (on his dad's side <she's not always very nice to me either>) and I'm trying to get custody back (and I need a better job so I can do that). I'm also divorced!!

I am back at college because, I need to get a good paying job that I enjoy!!!!
I'm over $30,000 in debt!!!!!!
And school will add another $27,000 to it!!

I also have to get major dental work done (I fell when I was younger and messed up my front teeth) and my dental insurance doesn't cover it because (even though I HAVE to get the surgery) they consider it 'cosmetic'. I've gotten the first surgery (my two front teeth are fake <they are like a denture that I can take out>). So, it's been tough these last few years.

I stay very optimistic through all of these issues in my life. Cause I know I have good things coming to me. Good KARMA will come my way soon.

So, PLEASE help me out and vote for me!!
I'll vote 4 u 2!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hey, good luck w ur son, i hope ur hard work pays off! & if u cud, vote 4 me. id rly appreciate it! -- Tatamama10


Good luck Momma! Keep your head up & Dont let it fall. If thats our soon he looks exactly like you! -- GatorGirl

Good luck with everything girl! You're such an encouragment for your son and many! -- Kellyta

shows on again - best of luck for yu and yur family :) -- hvs05

The best of luck with ur kiddo =) -- innocenteck0

good luck! -- billmelater

Good luck in everything, especially school and with your son, thanks for your vote! -- zulma246

good luck! -- caligirl

You are a determined woman and mother. My heart goes out to you!! -- ~ONE LOVE~

thanks for the vote!i hope everything works out for yah, dont'll get through it all! ^_^ -- JoHaMeLiE

Good Luck. Sounds like you are setting some good goals for yourself and your son. -- An anonymous voter

I love what you're doing! GOOD LUCK! please return the vote! haha -- monkabars

hey, thanks. good luck with everything! :] -- An anonymous voter

good luck chica!!!!! you're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Heidi~Ho (VOTE 4 MOMMYONAMISSION)

Good luck getting out of debt and getting the job you want :) -- Shiva

thanks for voting for me...and your son is so adorable! -- mehwish89

I hope everything works out. please return the favor -- KTejada

You're a hard worker and I wish you the best of luck with everything! -- An anonymous voter

third month and still going strong..^_^ hope you win this month!! -- JoHaMeLiE

hey i think what you are doing is great. thank you for voting for me. -- ♥Peace♥

i really hope that things work out in your favor. good luck with everything! -- BellonaFlayreRiver

i think you'll make a great mother from the sound of it. good luck! -- An anonymous voter

WOOOOO!!! -- monkabars

keep posting good topics, return the vote plz! -- keoshawy

I envy hard working, ambitious people like you. Good luck! -- Nickee

Good luck with this election! Keep up the great posts! -- PrdigyRavenclaw

hey, thank u for your vote. Good luck with everything ( I like your profile btw! :)) -- Kellyta

Hope this month you win something, good luck! -- zulma246

Good luck with this, best wishes -- An anonymous voter

Hey good luck again -- An anonymous voter

thanks for the vote :) good luck to you too -- Ivette

GOOD LUCK! -- An anonymous voter

Good luck and thanks for the vote! I love your posts -- An anonymous voter

Good luck hope you get it!! -- BLhockeyman99

Good luck! and thanks for voting for me as well! -- mistic89moon

Good luck in your LDR!!! Hard but soo worth it hunny! (and remeber to share the love) -- YNotWonder13

U are a real hardworking mom!! I hope you win this, because you deserve it!!! :) -- sara

a girl named brittany voted for me and asked me to vote for you so I am just returning the favor:) -- angelwith_scabbedwings_420

Good luck in life and thx for the vote -- Music

I understand exactly what u are going thru. -- An anonymous voter

Hey Good Luck on such a "mission"! -- An anonymous voter

I think your right about the attention thing but it also goes to other psychological issues -- rexchapman3000

nice topic! different... -- An anonymous voter

I feel for you - there is no way I could survive wihtout a PC! -- An anonymous voter

big upps to you for movin on in a positive way, i also went to ECPI (in Manassas for my LPN) -- scubagirl

aww..keep your hopes up and your head high. your son is adorable:D -- curlygirl

Glad u are back. I have bbeen so busy i can't even think of much forum topics.... -- Author

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