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Hello everybody! A little about myself. I am 18 years old and am attending the University of Texas at Austin. I am an ecology major and am going to be studying abroad in Autralia. This is obviously why I am in need of money. I havent been here in a long time, but I used to love posting here. I wonder if anybody remembers me. Well I am here for the same reason as everybody else, and so good luck!

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I am with on this subject. It is alarming that the powers-that-be are looking the other way!!!!! -- An anonymous voter

Good luck to you. Great thought! -- mejodlyn

live long and prosper. I appreciate that you will give back to nature, a john muir vision! -- billmelater

Thanks for your vote. I wish you the best and good luck in everything! -- Kellyta

feminist for a week?? rock on! ur def get props for that! lol -- caligirl

The topics you post are very interesting, good luck in your studies and vote for me too if you can! -- zulma246

thanks!! you're doing great in this month's election.... keep it up too... goodluck!!! -- JoHaMeLiE

Enjoying your posts, I am new here and it is a great online community -- Kewilkerson

similar situation, good luck with everything! please return the vote! -- monkabars

Good luck! -- caligirl

Enjoying your posts as much this round as the last. Good luck! -- Shiva

goodluck again this month... -- JoHaMeLiE

good luck!!! -- monkabars

Your posts are interesting and fun to read. Good luck. -- Nickee

return the vote, plz! -- keoshawy

Thanks for your vote. Good luck on everything! -- Kellyta

Good luck ! -- Kewilkerson

Good luck! -- An anonymous voter

Great profile and posts! pls vote back if you think I deserve it. Good luck with everything :) -- Kellyta

so here we are again in april.. goodluck again this month!! ^_^ -- JoHaMeLiE

I hope you did well on your APs!! '07!! Congrats from one grad to another!! veggieT -- vegetarian tigress

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