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A simple girl trying to get by in a complex world ~ Hey. I'm a senior just trying to help my parents out. We're not poor or anything, but my dad's still struggling with gathering money for my college fees, and my sister's college fees (she's in her third year {out of 6 years} of college), and, soon, my brother's college fess too {he's a junior}, all at the same time. So I thought this scholarship might lessen the strain. Academically, I'm doing as well as I can. I have a GPA of 4.0 and a SAT score of 1510.

Regarding who I am, I'm still a little uncertain about that. I'm a person who isn't afraid to say what they think, a girl who isn't afraid to be herself, and a Muslim who isn't afraid to proclaim her religion to the world. I am afraid of spiders though, and I can't stand books with open endings. Open-ended books should come with a warning label.

I'm a 'closet writer', which basically means I can write good enough to impress a few people, but I don't exactly make proclaiming that a habit. I prefer a lowkey life, none of that petty drama. And if I feel like a person's toxic, I drop them like a hot potato. Life's too short to worry about things I can change.

"He raised two fingers in salute, and I raised a finger in farewell." ~ Moi (an excerpt from a book I'll probably never write)

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