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About Night Owl Omar

Hi CNeters! I go by Omar, even though my first name is Josh, because Josh is basic af. In college, studying to become a doctor. Seems like it's going to take forever, but I know I'll be there before I know it, and looking back I'll wonder where all the time went.

As the name suggests, I'm a night owl. I love to post thought provoking messages. Don't simply take everything at face value. Always keep questioning. Find out what motivates others, and find out what will motivate you to keep going in life. Questioning takes time, but if you do, you will live a much more meaningful life, and be better off for it.

I love learning. Biology and chemistry are my foci (pl. focus), but there's something valuable to be learned from every field of study. In biology I love to learn about the complexities of life, and how it would all collapse if even one of the simplest steps were overlooked. And I love chemistry because it deals with the complexities of the world. To me, it's all one huge, insane, complex dance that plays out every day, and it can be seen in everything, from the fluttering of a butterfly's wings to the destruction and chaos of a tornadoe. It's all connected!

I love sports and play many different ones. Most recently, I have gotten into rock climbing. It's a different sport than I'm used to though, because in rock climbing the competition is yourself, and you compete to constantly do better and better than the day before. Nothing is more satisfying than reaching the top of that wall, on your last ounce of energy, and knowing that you beat the you that lived yesterday.

Finally, I am a huge melophile (one who loves music), and am open to all genres, instruments, and styles imaginable. I have a broad definition of music, as any sound made with the intention of provoking an emotion. I have gone through many musical phases, including: 90's pop, modern pop, indie, EDM / dubstep, love songs, break-up songs, rap, eerie haunting music, "rebellion against the government", country, foreign music, 60's, and hair metal. Currently I'm stuck in a 80's - 90's rock phase, centered heavily around Aerosmith and Guns & Roses. Some of my favorite artists are Aerosmith, Buno Mars, Queen, Guns & Roses, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Eminem, Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant, Evanessence, Ed Sheeran...

If you love life, science, and music, and want to question life on a deeper level, then take a trip with me as we travel down the rabbit hole...

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