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About HoangryKH

^^^ This is me at the start of consuming 100 popsicle in one sitting.

I'm currently a university student studying Biology at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As many of us may have experienced, a college student's lifestyle isn't the most lavish lifestyle.

In college, you just reach new levels of being broke. When you get hungry and have no money, you take a nap in place of a meal. LOL. You basically get paid with free t-shirts. You constantly have to take the guilt trip to your loved ones pockets.

I'm here on CollegeNET to make a difference in that lifestyle. Not just for the materialistic things in life that make us happy, but for the education I value. I work hard as student, and I'm not planning to have a financial deficit ruin my college career.

I'm going to work hard towards the scholarships offered here on CollegeNET,and I hope you guys will help me towards my goals and aspirations.

P.S. I love to play music, longboard, and cook!!! If any of you guys wanna start a band, hmu.

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