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Hello, everyone!

I am currently a college sophomore from a low income family. I work in the diners of my university to make money. I really want to double major, but because I am a part of a residential college I have more requirements than students of the wider university. This makes it harder to double major & graduate on time; however, I recently just declared to have a second major.

I have a closeknit family. My baby brother is my world. I'm leading the way for him, and I can't wait to see what great person he will become. With him being 14 years younger than I (he's 4), I plan to help my mother with him when I start my career.

My ultimate goal would be to become a city manager of my hometown. I'd like to help others through policy. Other than that I would like to be a public defender. I know they make the least of all lawyers, but their work fully encompasses everything that I am passionate about. Helping minorities, the poor, and the underrepresented. It is also the only profession that I have found that connects both of my majors, Social Relations & Policy and Criminal Justice.

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