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My name is Omanah!

I live in Monticello, Minnesota with my daughter and Husband. I am currently attending St. Cloud State University for my Bachelors in Social Work. From there I plan to pursue my masters in Social Work and become a Clinical Social Worker.

In my free time, I write and spend time with my family.

My future goals are to become a fortune 500 company owner. I do not believe in stepping on others to get what I want. I believe in being honest and telling the truth even if it hurts, my friends and professors tell me that I am very blunt; I see it as being factual. There is never an easy path in life, at least not for everything. It is because of that reason, I believe, people should not only come together but work together but to compromise. Things don't always work the way we want and that is okay. One just has to push through it. Success is not for the weak.

I am a very moral person as you can see, I believe in people and second chances; however, I am not a pushover. I enjoy debates and I am not afraid to join in on controversial conversations, so long as it is in an adult manner, everyone has a voice/opinion. People will not always agree, I understand that.

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