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About kaycurt

Hello my name is Kayla. 始めました!

I am a recent biomedical engineering graduate, who will be continuing my education next year. Because financial aid for graduate students is practically nonexistent & I have close to nothing as a college saving, just like others here on CollegeNET I need as much support as I cant get. In return, I hope to help and support others here as much as I can. :)

About me:

This last May 2015 I finally receieved my bachelors in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan, so officially I am a biomedical engineer!! I worked very hard for both this and an International Minor, and graduated magna cum laude (0.007 away from summa cum laude!). In September I will return for my masters in Medical Product Development, which I am definitely excited for!

During my undergraduate years, I worked in a Biomechanics Research Lab making valuable contributions in research concerning pelvic floor impairments, ACL injuries, and head impact injuries. I also worked as an organic chemistry study group facilitator/tutor, and was involved in mentoring programs. Additionally with my International Minor, I studied two years of Japanese.

Last summer I was also given the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Nagoya, Japan at Nagoya University. This was without a doubt, my most valuable and cherished college experiences. Not only did I take enlightening cultural and humanity classes, but I also performed biochemical engineering research in the Asanuma Laboratory. On campus and during my travels across Japan, I met so many fun and interesting people from across the world. Not only did I get to practice my Japanese with them, but I learned new perspectives and was taught things I would've never learned in the U.S.

Some of my current hobbies include art, studying Japanese, reading manga, watching anime and crime TV, and keeping in touch with my friends and family.

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